Mermaid Bubble

Aquatic Performance Bowl

The Mermaid Bubble is a unique, portable, Aquatic Performance Environment suitable for: Mermaids, Cirque Performers, Burlesque, Dancers, Models, Photography and so much more....

Aquatic Performance Bowl

The Mermaid Bubble is an Aquatic Performance Bowl designed for entertainers: Mermaids, Cirque Performers, Burlesque Dancers, Fire Eaters and Others looking to add an exciting new element to their Performance Art.

Created and designed by husband and wife team: Jeff & Rebecca MacKay of The MacKay Pirate Family. Handmade in the USA. 

The Performance Bowl is 64 inches in diameter and approximately 32 inches in height. The sphere 54 inches in diameter and 27 inches deep. The bubble is made of Polycarbonate.

Four LED RGB Lights are strategically placed in the bottom for light ambiance. Controlled by remote with 16 colors, along with flash, strobe and fade controls. 


We have been busy working on a prototype for a metal design and have been testing the structure stability of the base and dome we currently have..... we want to make sure that its perfect before going to market.... we were hoping to have this product ready to sell at the first of the year, however, we have had some set backs with our plastic manufacture..... we will keep you posted. 

Thank you for your continued interest.