Mermaid Bubble

Aquatic Performance Bowl

Add Drama and Exotic Cirque Flare to any event with the addition of the Sirens Aquatic Performance Group.

The Sirens can perform in the Mermaid Bubble adding a dynamic water element and elaborate entertainment value to any event and venue.

The Sirens can swim in Mermaid Tails or perform in Cirque Attire. Costuming, props, background and lighting can all be themed to match your event decor and space. 

Choreographed routines can be arranged for your celebration, The Sirens can pose for photo opportunities, add ambiance and interactive entertainment and so much more. 

Perfect for Festivals, Conventions, Meet & Greets, Weddings, Fundraisers, Corporate Events, Large Scale Parties, Celebrations, Charity Events, Grand Openings!!! 

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Additional Booking Notes

The bubble will require time to assemble and fill in addition to empty and disassemble.... approximately (1.5 hours for each depending on water source)

The fee of the Pirate Captain (Mermaid Assistant) is covered in the cost of the performance. He is non-negotiable and must be there for the safety and mobility of the Sirens and the Mermaid Bubble

It is the client's responsibility to book the venue if needed, cover any venue fees, and check to see that the venue is Siren / Mermaid Bubble friendly. 

Mermaid Bubble Requirements for Performance:

- The venue must have access to water. 150 gallons will be needed to fill the aquatic performance bowl, in addition there must be a place to discard the 150 gallons of water after use. Clear bubble balls can be used to replace water in non water friendly venues. 

- There must be doors large enough to allow the bubble to safely enter and exit the building.

- The flooring must be structurally sound and able to support the weight of the bubble and the water.

- Water safe flooring is encouraged or Preparations for water must be made: plastic may need to be put down, caution wet signs may need to be put up...

- A Mermaid Bubble Free of liability Waiver must be signed.

- We prefer to disassemble and remove the Mermaid Bubble after the performance / show. If the Mermaid Bubble is to remain after the performance a lid will need to be placed over the Mermaid Bubble for safety and an addition fee will apply. 

The Sirens are located near Columbus OH, however they are willing to travel. The expense of traveling will be covered by the client.